Class Readiness

We want to make sure you’re ready on day 1 to jump right into your classes. In this section, we’ll cover important details to help you prepare. The effort you put in now will pay big dividends later. You’ll have peace of mind and be able to focus squarely on your studies.

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How to Be Prepared for Your First Day of Classes

Prep Work

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Make sure you’re registered for your classes and seminars. Complete your student orientation, get hands-on practice in the online classroom, and learn to access and use e-books.

Virtual Campus

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Check to see if your computer meets online learning requirements. Learn to navigate the online classroom. Access your Purdue Global email account.


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Register your official class attendance during the first week of the term. You must attend class and participate to pass your courses. Read about University policies, and be sure to follow them.

Ordering Books

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All textbooks and learning materials are included in your undergraduate tuition. Graduate and Concord Law School students must purchase textbooks and learning materials. You may also explore the Purdue University Global Library.

Start Week

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Have a peek at your courses during the preview period. Undergraduate students can visit Launch Pad for tips on how to start your program.

Student Experience

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What’s it like to learn at Purdue University Global? Get an overview of what to expect from online education, as well as University resources available to help you thrive.

Time Management

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As a working adult student, you should determine how much time you need to devote to your studies and how to carve it out of your busy schedule. Here’s how to get started.