Time Management

Time management is a highly personalized experience that varies by individual and course. Because every student is unique, it is important that you take the time to estimate how much time you will need to spend to be successful in your studies at Purdue Global. Here are some basic guidelines.

1. Estimate the time to devote to your studies.

All courses at Purdue Global require a certain number of hours of in-class and out-of-class work per week. The total number of hours is related to how many credits you earn in that course and how many weeks the term lasts. Use this chart as a guide and try out the time management calculator:

Credit Hour Total Hours of Coursework
per Week per Course for a
10-Week Term
Total Hours of Coursework
per Week per Course for a
6-Week Term
1 Credit 3 5
3 Credits 9 15
4 Credits 12 20
5 Credits 15 25
6 Credits 18 30

2. Create a study schedule that works for you.

Once you have an estimate of the number of hours you’ll need to devote to your studies each week, the next step is to create a schedule you can keep. Watch a video tutorial on ways to manage your time effectively.

3. Learn to develop productive study habits.

Once you have created a schedule, you need to make sure you stick to it.

Your Student Advisor is ready to help you create a workable study schedule and build strong study habits. Give them a call at 866-522-7747.

Time Management Checklist:

I understand what the study time estimates are for my classes based on the number of classes I’m taking in a term, the number of credits of each class, and the length of my term (10 or 6 weeks).

I have carved out a schedule each week for devoting the required time to my studies.

I am confident about the study habits I plan to follow.

Recorded Webinars

Here are some recorded webinars to set you down the right path:

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Time Management Calculator

As a Purdue Global student, you’ll need to dedicate 15–25 hours per week to each class.

Use this calculator to figure out your weekly schedule, and outline how you can adjust it to ensure you’re dedicating the right amount of time to succeed in your classes.

Then use your schedule to prioritize and group your tasks, make daily to-do lists, and use a calendar to block out time to work on your school assignments, uninterrupted.

We are aware the Time Management Calculator is not fully accessible to all users, but it is currently being reworked/remediated. Please contact an Admissions Advisor if you would like assistance using this tool.