Readiness Call

About the Readiness Call

A Purdue Global Student Finance Coordinator will perform a readiness call to review your funding plan and answer any questions you may have regarding your funding options.

It is important that you initiate your readiness call so you can feel comfortable with all the details and obligations associated with your personalized funding plan.

What the Readiness Call Will Cover

  • The funding offer, cost of attendance, and student payments
  • Financial aid literacy, default prevention, and tracking your student loan debt
  • Additional funding options, responsible loan borrowing, and loan repayment

You will receive the request for the call shortly after you receive your first funding offer.

The Student Finance Office will send you reminders at certain points in your educational journey to contact our office and review your funding. Please ensure you do so during business hours to stay fully informed of your funding situation.

You may access the most current details on your account and funding plan at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) on PG Campus.

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