Contact Us

Keep this list handy of important contact information for support teams at Purdue Global. For more information including hours of operation, visit the Purdue Global Campus Help page.

Purdue Global Support Teams

Check the Faculty Profile section on the homepage of your Brightspace courses for contact information, means of contact, and office hours for your instructors.

Accessibility Checklist

I know that Student Accessibility Services offers reasonable accommodations to qualified students at Purdue Global and how to contact them directly to request accommodations.

About Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services coordinates most accommodations for Purdue Global students with accessibility needs.

To benefit from the protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, it is your responsibility to self-disclose accessibility needs to Student Accessibility Services and request an accommodation.

The University requires you to provide supporting documentation, which must verify the existence of a reason for accommodations.

Don’t hesitate to contact Student Accessibility Services to learn how to request accessibility services at Purdue Global.

To read more about Student Accessibility Services, go to Purdue Global Campus > My Studies tab > Academic Success Center > Student Accessibility Services.