Prep Work


Congratulations on becoming a part of the Purdue Global Family! The next step after you have registered is to enroll in your orientation. Taking the Purdue Global Orientation (PGO) is one of the most important things you’ll do to prepare for the start of your classes.

The PGO will familiarize you with your program's online classroom, academic policies, and other essential aspects. You'll get hands-on practice in the virtual classroom, and learn how to participate in discussion boards, submit assignments, and take exams. In addition, the course will give you tips on how to be a successful student.

The Orientation Consists of Two Parts
  1. The live orientation seminar is led by a facilitator who familiarizes you and other new students with the seminar tool and answers any questions you may have.
  2. The orientation practice activities familiarize you with the Brightspace online learning platform. The learning activities you complete in the practice activities resemble those found in a course classroom in your program. A special Orientation Badge can be received for completing all four activities in this course, which can be displayed on your social media profiles. More information can be found in the Welcome message and the course syllabus.

How to Complete the Orientation

The orientation practice activities are open and available to complete at any time before or after live seminar attendance. It is critical that you review all the information in the orientation, starting with the announcements on the orientation classroom homepage, and then continuing to the Content tab.

To demonstrate that you have completed the PGO, you should attend the live orientation seminar or, if you cannot attend, watch the recording of the live seminar and complete the activity discussed during the presentation. You can access the live seminars and recordings by entering the PGO Course Room, clicking More Tools, and then clicking Seminar. In addition to attending the live seminar, students can practice completing a discussion board post, submitting a writing assignment, and taking a quiz.

ExcelTrack® is available for select programs. Degree pace and time and cost savings will vary by individual.
Orientation Checklist

I understand what Purdue Global Orientation (PGO) is and why it’s important.

I understand that there are two parts to the PGO: orientation seminar and orientation practice activities.

I understand what I need to do to complete it.

How to Get Started

Your Student Advisor will register you for the PGO. Watch for calls or emails from your Advisor to discuss this requirement and your preferred time to attend the orientation seminar. If you’ve already been registered, you can access the PGO in Purdue Global Campus at the top of the class list under "Current."

Class Registration

You will need to register for your first-term classes. Your Student Advisor will reach out to you to complete this process. You can also contact him or her at 866-522-7747 or by email or chat (see your Advisor’s contact information on the Purdue Global Campus homepage). See the Registration policy in the University Catalog for details.

  • Permission to Register

    If you signed the Permission to Register form and opted in during the enrollment process or thereafter, your Student Advisor will register you for your first-term classes and do his or her best to abide by your preferred schedule for seminar availability. If you are interested in signing up for auto-registration, there is some additional information you'll need to know.

  • Add/Drop Period

    During the first 7 days of the term—the add/drop period—you may make changes to your registration without academic penalty.

  • ExcelTrack®

    If you are enrolled in an ExcelTrack® 10-week degree option, you may add courses to the current term until the end of the ninth week of the term. If you are enrolled in an ExcelTrack® 6-week session option, you may add courses to the current term until the end of the fifth week of the term.

Class Registration Checklist

I am already registered for classes for my first term or I have been in touch with my Student Advisor to have it done.

I know about the add/drop period during which I can make changes to my course schedule in a given term.

If I am enrolled into an ExcelTrack® program, I know what my deadlines are to register for more competency modules in a given term.

I have reviewed the Registration policy.

Ordering Books

Each of your online classes includes assigned readings from required learning materials. While these at times are textbooks, most often they are digital books or e-book accessible from your online classes. The syllabus in each of your online classes tells you exactly what your required learning materials are and how to access them.

If you are an undergraduate student, all required reading materials are included in the cost of tuition. If physical textbooks are included in those materials, they are shipped directly to your home address on file at no cost.

If you are a graduate student or student of Concord Law School:

  • You must order any textbooks that are required learning materials in a given online class as they are not included in the cost of tuition. Go to the student bookstore, MBS Direct (Purdue Global Campus > Student Store & Discounts > MBS Direct) to order.
  • You can also take advantage of the textbook voucher that covers up to $150 worth of the cost of textbooks each term ($1,200 for Concord Law School) if you are using Title IV federal financial aid. If you haven’t filled out and submitted the necessary request form, contact your Student Advisor at 866-522-7747, who will send you an electronic version that takes seconds to complete.
  • Remember that vouchers are available 2 weeks ahead of the start of your term.
  • Be sure to order your textbooks as soon as possible before the term starts.

Ordering Books Checklist

I understand that my required course learning materials may be textbooks, digital books, or e-book.

If I’m an undergraduate student, my required course learning materials are included in the cost of my tuition.

If I’m a graduate student or student of Concord Law School, I’m responsible for purchasing textbooks. I can do so through MBS and take advantage of the textbook voucher.