Account Information

Access Your Account on the Student Portal

The My Account page in Purdue Global Campus contains information you will need to track your account balances, view your funding, and find answers to many common funding questions. You should familiarize yourself with this section so that you can easily access this information while you are a student at Purdue Global.

Here are some of the things you can access:

  • View your account balance and tuition charges: Find out your tuition due and when your next payment is scheduled. You can filter and review your charges by academic year and term.
  • Track your funding: Review your funding types, such as applicable military funding, grants, scholarships, and/or loan disbursement amounts, as well as dates and statuses each term. This information can be filtered by academic year and term.
  • Access important forms: View forms that you may need to access to complete or change your funding.
Account Information

To access your account information in the student portal (Purdue Global Campus), select “My Account” in the navigation bar.

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Account Documents

You can find documents related to financial aid in the dropdown menu next to your profile picture on the student portal.

Cost of Attendance

Cost of attendance (COA) is an estimate of your education expenses for a period of enrollment. Sometimes called student budgets, COA is designed to provide you with a projection of total costs. Cost of attendance includes both direct and indirect costs. It is important to learn the difference between the two.

Direct Costs

Direct costs are charged to you by Purdue Global. These charges will be visible on your student ledger card (e.g., tuition and fee charges). You can access your student ledger card on the My Account page in your Purdue Global student portal.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are not charges from Purdue Global and do not reflect as charges on your student ledger card. Instead, they may be associated with other costs not billed by Purdue Global, but incurred while attending school (e.g., housing costs).