Ordering Books

Each of your online classes includes assigned readings from required learning materials. At times, they may be textbooks, but most often they are digital books or e-books accessible from your online classes. The syllabus in each of your online classes tells you exactly what your required learning materials are and how to access them.

If you are an undergraduate student, all required reading materials in a given online class are included in the cost of tuition. Those that are physical textbooks are shipped directly to your home address on file.

If you are a graduate student or student of Concord Law School:

  • You must purchase required learning materials in a given online class as they are not included in the cost of tuition. Go to the student bookstore (Purdue Global Campus > Student Store & Discounts > BNC Virtual) to order.
  • You can also take advantage of the textbook voucher that covers up to $150 worth of the cost of textbooks each term ($1,200 for Concord Law School) if you are using Title IV federal financial aid. If you haven’t filled out and submitted the necessary request form, contact your Student Advisor at 866-522-7747, who will send you an electronic version that takes seconds to complete.
  • Remember that vouchers are available 2 weeks ahead of the start of your term.
  • Be sure to order your textbooks as soon as possible before the term starts.
Ordering Books Checklist

I understand that my required course learning materials may be textbooks, digital books, and/or e-books.

If I’m an undergraduate student, my required course learning materials are included in the cost of my tuition.

If I’m a graduate student or student of Concord Law School, I’m responsible for purchasing required learning materials. I can do so through the student bookstore and take advantage of the textbook voucher.

Purdue Global Library

Log in to Purdue Global Campus and familiarize yourself with one of the most important online destinations for success as a Purdue Global student.

  • Rich With Resources

    Rich With Resources

    Access thousands of e-books and periodicals, including professional, scholarly, and trade journals—the reference and research resources you’ll need for your program.

  • Supported by Staff

    Supported by Staff

    While robust search tools make it easy to navigate, the library also has dedicated staff to assist you via live chat, email, and even one-on-one consultations (by appointment).

  • Easily Accessible

    Easily Accessible

    Enter the Library on Purdue Global Campus under the My Studies tab. If you have time now, explore the Library and be ready to use its resources and support right away.

Library Checklist

I have explored the Purdue Global Library and know where to access it from Purdue Global Campus.

I know how to contact the library staff with questions about resources I may need for my studies.